All of our actions push for a FULL literacy objective

We are making waves, forming alliances, creating opportunities and taking action.

We push on K-12 school systems to learn, adopt, support and implement, core literacy methodologies that work for ALL children.

WIN: After 10 years of using curricula without effective foundational skills blocks, our initiative has already helped move OUSD and the largest Oakland-based CMOs to pivot to structured literacy. We have facilitated collaboration between the organizations ensuring they are able to learn from each other. Educate for Change, for example, was the earliest adopter and opened their schools for community walkthroughs and ongoing learning. AND THE WORK CONTINUES: Monitoring and engaging the curriculum adoption and implementation processes in OUSD, facilitating stakeholder engagement to promote buy-in, ensuring school systems follow best practices which optimize positive outcomes.

Along with the Oakland NAACP and a dozen other community-based co-petitioners, we co-filed an administrative petition demanding 8 actions of the OUSD’s Board of Ed.

The petition requests "relief" on 8 actions to ensure evidence-based literacy practices are present in the district and benefiting all children. WIN: 4 of the 8 demands have been met, or are on their way to being met. THE WORK CONTINUES: Pushing on K-12 stakeholders and the OUSD Board of Education to attain all 8; only then will OUSD be able to provide a solid foundation for full literacy for all in the district.

We work with Teacher Ed programs to examine the impact of their training on student achievement.

WINS: (1) Holy Names University (HNU) and Mills College's Ed Depts., and several professors from UC Berkeley have co-signed onto the Oakland NAACP's literacy petition (2) HNU has opened their Orton Gillingham training to all interested teachers through their summer institute (3) Alder Graduate School of Education is teaching the Science of Reading and evidence-based reading methodologies. THE WORK CONTINUES: In partnership with FULCRUM, more local universities, and alternative pathway programs continue to shift toward evidence-based literacy methodologies to meet the growing demand of K-12 stakeholders. By request, FULCRUM is planning a course in the Science of Reading for teacher candidates as well as contributing keynotes and workshops on the importance of research-based literacy practices to community colleges' Teach for the Bay, Oakland Literacy Coalition's literacy symposium and other conferences.

We provide caregivers access to the knowledge they need to be informed advocates for their children and empowered to engage with school systems.

WIN: By partnering with professional development providers, FULCRUM is co-creating an online class (in English and Spanish) for parents in the Science of Reading. Our plan is to equip caregivers to key knowledge and tools to engage other parents, teachers, administrators, and systems around research-based literacy. THE WORK CONTINUES: We will pilot the class with West Contra Costa families during the 2021-2022 academic year. FULCRUM, along with local NAACP branches and Latino education groups plan to play an active role in parent recruitment. We are currently looking for funders to support our expansion into Oakland.

We provide direct service and concrete tools to students and schools in dire need of effective literacy instruction now, improving literacy outcomes and creating proof points for a path forward.

Children's education cannot wait while school systems' go through the - often prolonged and fraught - change-management process of pivoting to structured literacy. WINS: (1) During Fall of 2020, we distributed over 900 Onetabs to our most vulnerable emergent readers from TK-1st grade classrooms in key schools. This reading courseware won the X-prize for literacy potential and provided an effective and autonomous stopgap during the Covid-19 disruption in education (2) We sponsored over 40 teachers from strategically chosen school teams to attend excellent PD in the Science of Reading; several have taken on leadership roles (3) We have sponsored intensive and effective intervention for several students in extreme reading crisis. THE WORK NOW: Continue to provide professional development for educators and support our "Reading Refugees".

We support key policy and legislative shifts that promote a structural, systemic effort to ensure all students become on-time readers.

These important pieces of legislation provide educators and parents with the pedagogical and legal clarity needed to recognize and interpret challenges with an asset lens and move towards literacy practices that work for the greatest number of students while also providing structural safeguards that uproot the popular "wait to fail" model of literacy instruction and intervention. WINS: (1) OUSD signed an MOU, an agreement clarifying its literacy policy, agreed to join the Literacy for All Campaign, and affirmed the importance of an evidence-based approach to reading instruction (2) California's senate passed a dyslexia screening bill, a key tool for educators and parents. THE WORK GOES ON: FULCRUM supports policy that (1) ensures the greatest outcomes for the greatest number of students and (2) ensures that the necessary structures being adopted for better student outcomes are reflected within the educators' contract.

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