Literacy is foundational for equality and possibility

Our goal is to ensure full literacy for every child in Oakland.

We educate, promote, align, & fight for a literacy program based in the science of reading and with proof of success in schools like ours.

Boy reading a book


  • Abundantly spreading the word through presentations, YouTube videos, and interviews

  • Providing administrators, teachers, and parents access to The Science of Reading so they are educated in 'The Why' and equipped to make informed decisions around literacy instruction.

  • Identifying and sharing research, curricula and technology to serve as a resource for systems, teachers, administrators, and parents looking for evidence-based solutions.

  • Ensuring that dyslexia, one of the main causes of low reading achievement, is at the forefront of all considerations. We know, if the kids with dyslexia are ok, all students are ok.

  • Coming soon! Co-creating a parent course in the Science of Reading to pilot in 2021-22.

Merging train tracks


  • Pushing on K-12 school systems to learn, adopt, support and implement, with confidence & fidelity, core methodologies that work for ALL children.

  • Challenging assumptions and providing an asset-based lens to have difficult conversations.

  • Using long-time, deep Oakland relationships to keep change possible. We stay in constant communication and relationship with the local systems' decision makers including district and charter, union, and board leadership. Even when it's tough; especially when it gets tough.

  • Encouraging "Teacher Ed" programs to examine the impact of the content of their early literacy instruction on student achievement and align with research-based methodology and hiring needs of K-12 systems.

Smiling woman in a meeting


  • Giving policymakers access to data, research, and the impact of decisions on the lived experiences of students and their families.

  • Connecting diverse stakeholders in Oakland's education ecosystem to align historically separated factions to collaborate in catalytic change for children.

  • Providing resources and training to parents that allow them to productively connect with schools about their child's progress.

  • Building aligned coalitions with community, parent, and professional groups that support the change-management process.

  • Connecting with larger community through social media to engage in healthy dialogue with supporters, resistors, and fellow-learners.

Along with the Oakland NAACP and a dozen other community-based co-petitioners, we co-filed an administrative petition demanding 8 actions of the OUSD’s Board of Ed.

The petition requests "relief" on 8 actions to ensure evidence-based literacy practices are present in the district and benefiting all children. Win: 4 of the 8 demands have been met, or are on their way to being met. The work continues: Pushing on K-12 stakeholders and the OUSD Board of Education to attain all 8; only then will OUSD be able to provide a solid foundation for full literacy for all in the district.

Learn more about our achievements to date and how you can support us.