FULCRUM ensures that all children have access to high quality, evidence-based literacy instruction

Literacy is the fundamental civil right of our time.

FULCRUM advocates for literacy instruction based in the Science of Reading with evidence of working so we can get maximum number of kids reading now.

There is no excuse; we already have the research and proof points to get kids reading.

This simple lever, if we get it right, has the power to stop the school to prison pipeline at its inception and provide ALL children with the tools for a life of choice and fulfillment.

What Does it Take to be a Literary Education Changemaker

In this episode, Susan Lambert sits down with Kareem Weaver to discuss change management for educators implementing the Science of Reading. Kareem Weaver is a member of the Oakland NAACP Education Committee and a leader of the organization Full and Complete Reading is a Universal Mandate (FULCRUM). He was also an award-winning teacher and administrator in Oakland, California, and Columbia, South Carolina. Kareem discusses what the Science of Reading is at the simplest level and why it’s important that educators are undivided in backing the research. He goes on to give an impassioned plea to educators to come together, because this is an issue that impacts all kids. Kareem also highlights the importance of meeting educators where they are and realizing that change cannot happen if teachers aren’t given the tools and support they need first. Lastly, Kareem calls for systemic changes to education so that teachers can do their jobs in a way that is balanced, sustainable, and ultimately benefits the students.

What's in a Name

Full and Complete Reading is a Universal Mandate

FULCRUM is the equilibrium at which everything is in balance - people's lives, our communities, our society at large. This balance can only be achieved when all people have had access to high quality, evidence-based literacy instruction.

Learn more about why this is important and what we do to support literacy in Oakland.

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