Literacy is the fundamental civil right of our time.


Our Mission

To accelerate a movement of leaders who embrace and apply evidence-based literacy practices to improve student reading outcomes.

The State of Literacy Education

The Challenge

Nationwide, a majority of students do not meet the reading standards.

What's Possible

Researchers now estimate that 95 percent of all children can be taught to read by the end of first grade.

* Learn more about the research papers here.

How We Get There

The adoption of structured, systematic instruction that is evidence based is necessary to bridge the literacy gap. 

* Learn more about the research here.

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FULCRUM works relentlessly to get the science of reading and evidence-based strategies adopted so that the maximum number of students are reading on time - NOW!

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What's in a Name?

Full and Complete Reading is a Universal Mandate

FULCRUM is the equilibrium at which everything is in balance - people's lives, our communities, our society at large.  This balance can only be achieved when all people have had access to high quality, evidence-based literacy instruction.